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Tuesday, 2017-03-28, 10:45 AM
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Rules and punishments!

Welcome to habbolot.clan.su©, we are being very strict about the rules here.
So to get started here are some of the rules that we have and for the sake of saving lots time where just going to put all the rules
not just the new and then old.

1. No being/saying/suggesting, any racist, rude, hateful, or sexual, comments/phrases/words.
2. No advertising other retros
3. No hacking the site/game or tring to.
4. No asking for personal info like where they live, number, age, ect...

Break these rules and you could be banned, banning length will depend on how many offenses you broke and which one you broke.

Rules made by:habbolotadmin & Jd252 AKA: Owners of habbolot
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